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Just enough snow to gently give us our first taste of winter; enough to be pretty, not so much to be a nuisance. Let the holidays begin! (Will post the official day-after-Thanksgiving Starlight Parade soon.

Calendula with a light dusting of snow

Calendulas…cheerful annuals also known as pot marigolds, hanging in there, in the first dusting of snow.

Calendula buried in snow

Calendulas…later. (Even later, they got enough to become not much more than unrecognizable blobs of white).


snow on mailbox—1st snow of winter 2023

Special delivery: snow!

Snowy front yard with sunshine breaking through

Sun peeks through the sequoia cedar in our backyard; our north-facing home remains in shadow but the melt has begun.

snow covering outdoor furniture

The snow mocks our outdoor living space, liberally coating our lawn furniture, deck and swimming pool diving board.

Cat warm and cosy despite snow outside

Shiva, unperturbed while the winterscape unfolds outside.

Here and gone in two days. Yesterday’s sun and this morning’s rain melted it all away.

Next time, we’re making a snowman before it melts.

Location Location

The Dalles, Oregon, our home base and for now, primary hangout. Not traveling much these days, but planning on future adventures. We’re more do-ers than dreamers. Once we plan, we do, though we’re looking at land adventures for the foreseeable future.