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Ocean Hole, Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

First a hello again. I moved my domain for this blog to another provider and due to technical difficulties, it went down in the process. Thanks to James from Projects Made Simple who fixed it. It came back online late last night. Not sure why this time the domain change tripped me up; I’ve done it before. 

Other writing projects also vied for my limited computer and wifi time. FYI, I write and edit* and close to getting official editing certification. I’m taking a freelance writing bootcamp to increase my reach and income on published articles, and recently tapped an editor to help me better shape the travel-adventure memoir I’m working on

We’re leaving Eleuthera and underway to Nassau right now, and it’s a race to get this post out while we still have wifi. Our task in Nassau is to refuel, rest, and if weather permits a single jump from there back to the States, we’ll also check out of the Bahamas. Nassau to Ft. Pierce Florida is a 2-day 24/7 sailing passage.

Why now? Our three-month cruising permit runs out soon, and our insurance requires our boat to be above the Florida stateline by June 1st. Mostly, though, the US East Coast is new territory for us, and we decided we want to spend more time there. As is, a much-needed haulout for boat maintenance and repair will cut into our cruising time. 

We’ve also already revisited our favorite spots in the Bahamas, except Hog Cay in the Raggeds. We did make it to The Raggeds’ Water (the place we seem to be gifted fish) and Flamingo Cays, though.
Thanks to the nice folks on Blue, who gave us a grouper they caught. Water Cay, the Raggeds, Bahamas.

Lots of posts to catch up on from our time off Stocking Island, Long Island, Water and Flamingo Cays, Lee Stocking, Black Point, and, of course, Eleuthera. Even this post will be updated. More soon!

We’re going to miss the Bahamas. It’s always sad to say goodbye. 
Wayne and me, Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas.