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and the food they eat.

cruiser destination
Key West Visitor’s information booth.  The rooster comes across
as the more authoritative guide.  Roosters freely and fearlessly
strut the streets of Key West.

We wandered about Key West, our last “civilized” spot in the U.S.A. before US phone and WiFi access went away.  

tourist cruising around key west
Walgreens Drug Store maintained most
of the architectural integrity of this
former Key West theater.

Still, these photos show we weren’t too pre-occupied to enjoy Key West’s unique style. 

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christmas in the tropics
“Key West or Bust” proclaims
this over-the-top Christmas hat.
coconut shell drink holder
Coconut shell drink holder on one of
Key West’s primary transportation vehicles
— a bicycle.

derelict boat cruiser destination
Derelict sailboats like these were the norm
in the anchorage NW of Wisteria Island,
Key West, Florida.

Location Location
Prewritten 25 December 2014, USA while anchored just outside Key West (N24.34.389 W81.48.080) Florida, USA.  Watch for more posts when we return to the land of WiFi (and/or if I can manage to get our satellite WiFi going while we’re sailing).  This was scheduled to run while we’re going a bit dark during our next steps headed to the South Pacific.