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American Samoa National Park, Pola Island trail.

Just a few photo highlights from our American Samoa Road trip to give you something to look at while we’re out of wifi range for a bit in Niuataputapu Tonga.

Location Location
This post was written in and about American Samoa  (S14.16.472 W170.40.456), from when we were anchored there in Pago Pago harbor.  

This post was prescheduled to run while we’re en route to Tonga with no internet (besides our limited sat phone).

Patty of Armagh, outside Tisa’s Barefoot Bar & Grill,
American Samoa.

Wayne (aka husband of Galley Wench) & Steve of Armagh, outside
Tisa’s Barefoot Bar & Grill, American Samoa.
Wayne on beautifully maintained American Samoa park trail.
Overlook onto the North (and calm!) side of American Samoa.
Tyipcal  American Samoa rocky outcropping with dramatic vegetation.

Rusting wreck off Amoulli, American Samoa.
Church, American Samoa.
Seems like 1 out of every 20 buildings is a church.

Pago Pago American Samoa arbor overlook from road.
Starkist’s “Charlie the Tuna”One of the few locals
we won‘t miss on American Samoa.