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Today’s passage snack:  Fresh mango with plain,
unsweetened Greek yogurt; our favorite mango dish.

Wayne licked his bowl clean.  Wayne doesn’t lick his bowl clean; I do.
We weren’t even hungry.  Its glistening orange goodness got us, and besides, who can trim a mango without sucking the pit clean, only to be dripping with sweet sticky mango nectar?  From there….
“Oh man.  That was the best mango I’ve eaten since Dominica,” Wayne declared, with obvious satisfaction.
Do you buy the old adage “You are what you eat”? 
If so, if you’re ever in Marathon’s Florida Keys on a Saturday, load up with fresh fruit and veg from Marathon’s Saturday morning Incredible Fruit Stand.  All volunteer staffed, the Incredible Fruit Stand is fund-raiser for the Educational Coalition for Monroe County (ECMC).  Supporter of dance lessons, a skateboard park, culinary cooking classes, when you’re buying from ECMC you’re investing in community vibrancy as well as your health.  “We provide what the schools don’t pay for any more,” explained one of the volunteers.
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Marathon’s Incredible Fruit Stand volunteers.  Thanks!

For me, the Incredible Fruit Stand is first and foremost a great place to buy fresh, fairly priced produce, locally sourced unofficially organically grown when possible.  Their delicious avocados are the size of a child’s football, with small pits and perfect, creamy insides that cooperate well with a knife.   For flavor, I’d still prefer a Haas, but these smooth skinned sisters are pretty darn tasty, too.
I found out firsthand the volunteers care not only about their community and their produce, they have a soft spot for their customers, too. Seeing me laden with a full load of produce and two new pillows from Kmart, “I’m giving this woman a ride,” insisted  MaryAnn to her colleagues.  “Pray for my Mom,” she asked, dropping me off at Boot Key Marina.  “I’m going to Michigan to see her.”  I will, and told MaryAnn, “She has a nice daughter.

cruising life florida keys
My purchase was but a small sampling
of Incredible Fruit Stand’s selection.
The fruit stand is across the street from Marathon’s Kmart / Winn Dixie shopping center.  You can spot it by the cluster of regulars who know a good thing when they see it.  In case you’re feeling a swell of appreciation for their efforts, feel free to learn more, and donate to their cause through their website,  Or support the scholarship fund for Mikee Jones, a regular fruit stand fixture staffed by a grieving Mom, finding a way to give back after the loss of her son when he was only 23 years young.  Learn more about him, hear his music and maybe even pay for a song or two,

Location, Location
Jan 29th2014. BAHAMAS. (N25.43.456  W.79.17.887).  Left Alice Town North Bimini Bahamas 11:45 am Tuesday Jan. 28th over the Bahamas Banks, anchoring at 6:15 pm (N25.31.721  W.78.47.370), 38 nm, anchored in 15’.  Resumed at 6 am over the Bahamas Banks, 56 nm arriving 4:15 pm at  Frazer, Hog Cay in the Berries (N25..24.25 W77.50.80).  Next stop: Nassau.

He showed up with a couple other dolphins
around suppertime with a little
audio prompting.
cruising life bahamas
Us, on our Pearson, on the Grand Bahamas Banks.