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We’re back—arrived in the U.S. Friday, April 30th a little over a week ago, after an overnight passage from the Nassau, Bahamas area. We aimed for Fort Pierce originally, but the winds were too light to make it before dark, so instead, we entered at Lake Worth, the Miami Florida area. 
Sally and Julene, visiting our boat from Sunnier Palms in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Photo courtesy Julene.
We didn’t set foot on U.S. soil for another two days, the day after we got to Fort Pierce. Fort Pierce is “old home week” where we caught up with the friends we made while we were there, boat shopping for two months.  Returning to the US meant we needed to get our phone plans set up, check in (yay! we got to do this over our mobile phone), our COVID vaccination, our produce restocked . . . and other boring but necessary stuff.
“Stay for Cinco de Mayo!” our friends at Sunnier, said. “It’ll be lots of fun!” We did. It was. We even got to see our friends again at our next stop, Vero Beach, where they showed up in a pontoon boat near our anchorage.

Now we’re making our way north, where we’ll spend the summer. We’re currently in Daytona, Florida. Our insurance requires our boat to be north of the Florida border by June 1st.

We’re working on our what next; more about that soon.

Bahamas catch-up post still coming, as well as a bit of a retrospective.

Location Location
Dayton Beach, N29 13.941 81 01.360W. Next stop: St. Augustine.