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Wayne’s birthday hat and shirt from
Papeete Tahiti’s Hinano clearance store.

Wayne is not the kind of guy who goes for prominent logos, and the idea of paying to advertise for someone is definitely out of character for him.

For every rule there’s an exception.  

Still, I was surprised when Wayne asked me for a Hinano t-shirt for his birthday.

Cool and refereshing, Hinano is the sole locally brewed beer in French Polynesia.  There are other beers sold; Heinken the most prevalent.

There wasn’t much in his sizein t-shirts at the store, and what there was wasn’t suitable.  The Papeete Tahiti Hinano store is a clearance shop; no returns.  Instead, Wayne got a button-down shirt and hat.  He was a a happy birthday boy. 

... en stock de brasserie de tahiti hinano 33cl 3 50 eur la hinano
Hinano beer, made in Tahiti.

Location Location

By the time this posts we expect to be on our way to Tonga with a stop in American Samoa and potentially Cook’s Suwarrow on the way. Will set several catch-up blog posts to run while we’re on passage, internet permitting. When in Tahiti we stayed primarily at the city marina in Papeete  (S17.32.393 W149.34.219).