Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

EveryDay Essentials, Pueblo’s store brand
is a fine, affordable gingersnap.
  A 1-lb. package
cost about $3.50.
  MacKay’s Lemon Curd, >$6.I picked it because it had the least sugar.

“Honey, do we have anything for dessert?” my darling husband asked, pleadingly.  We didn’t.  We rarely eat dessert.  And we’d finished the last of addictive, expensive and elusive Carr Lemon Ginger Creams our friend Lili got us turned on to.  Cost U Less had not restocked.
Wayne’s wistful request came shortly before I knew he’d likely drop off to sleep at the end of a long, exceedingly frustrating day for us.  Making anything that took more than 20 minutes preparation would be too late.  Anyhting I made would have to bake for at least that long.
Normally, cooking, and baking especially, is a joyous task for me – seriously – and Wayne rarely asks for dessert.  Making something sweet for my honey before sending him off to dreamland would be a loving finish to an otherwise crappy day.
At the same time, I was less than thrilled about taking on one more task that would take me about 45 minutes, expecting to be rewarded with the sound of snoring before its completion.  Plus, the cleanup afterward in the semidarkness of our dimly light cabin.
Reluctantly, I started to pull out the ingredients to make the guava tart recipe I’d eyed earlier.
Then I remembered!  Wayne found some affordable store brand gingersnaps, still unopened.  By themselves, gingersnaps weren’t quite “dessert.”  But, I’d also just picked up some lemon curd, with the intention of drizzling it on gingersnaps.
“It’s perfect!” Wayne declared, smiling, as he crunched happily away.  Before long, it was off to sweet dreamland for Wayne; I’d hoped the dessert delivered sweet dreams.