Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Picture perfect Painkiller from Saba Rocks,
next to Virgin Gorda.

Long before we set sail, Carolyn and Steve, our friends from Seattle raved about Painkillers, the consummate Caribbean adult (coconut) milkshake.  Given Carolyn and Steve are practically tea totalers, naturally, we were intrigued.
We tasted our first Painkiller at Willy T’s(click here for more about Wild & Wooly Willy T’s).  It was good, but not… epic.  Besides, it’s just not the same when the nutmeg comes from a big plastic store-bought shaker bottle instead of fresh grind.  But hey, $5 each for a taste of the Caribbean enjoying the native scenery was pretty okay.
Next up was Saba Rocks, with a $3 Happy Hour price reeling us in along with the fish feed (click here to read about that).  Their Painkillers knocked the socks off of Willy T’s.  Creamy-smooth, they definitely used the real deal, coconut cream.  Plus they topped them with a float of Meyer’s dark rum, and a fresh grate of nutmeg a cherry and an orange.
“Zero to Naked in 3.2 Painkillers” claims
the sticker on the tip jar at Soggy Dollar,
White Beach, Jost Van Dyke PBI.
After getting a soaking and then studiously ignored at the Soggy Dollar (click here to see the Galley Wench all wet), I tried making my own Painkiller.  Not bad! I did do the fresh grate of nutmeg, but resorted to using Coco Loco as I had no coconut cream.  No cherries, either.  The result? Sweeter and less creamy than Saba Rocks but certainly drinkable and considerably better than Willy T’s. 
Anchored a bay away from Soggy Dollar, we hiked over Great Harbour’s hill to White Bay, to try Soggy Dollar again.  We are determined, souls and were long overdue for our walkies.  After several pass overs, Mic the busy bartender finally took my order.  Not surprisingly, Soggy Dollar’s Pankiller did get a fresh nutmeg grate finish.  No cherry, but Mic did serve with a smile that made up for the delayed order.  The cost?  $6; and it appears Soggy Dollar has not Happy Hour price.  We came, we drank, we checked the box and left with our Soggy Dollar plastic souvenir cups.  In reading their cup, it struck me that Soggy Dollar is skating on its reputation. More important, how did the supposed originator of the Painkiller stack up?  

Soggy Dollar:  Painkiller for me,
Corona for Wayne.
Here’s my Killer Painkiller rating, in reverse order of preference.
4.  Soggy Dollar*
3.  Willy T’s – due to the scenery – Wayne might rate this higher;).
2.  Home made (this will move up with coconut cream, jury’s out on the cherry)
1.  Saba Rocks – the clear winner!
* Their cup claims they use coconut cream and dark premium rum.  If so, the amount was far too small for taste or feel.  Coconut cream is just that — “like buttah” — and Soggy Dollar’s Painkiller did not feel creamy.  The rum did not taste premium.
There you have it!  Ping me if you want to try one, can’t make it to the Caribbean or find a recipe.  Cheers!