Galley Wench Tales

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Exuma, Bahamas,  cruising destimation
(Teaser photo) Bahama Exumas … we keep in mind this is where
we’re headed whilst Wayne works on the boat (and Dana at
West Marine) in Jacksonville FL.  Photo credit to

Okay, I made up the #67:  replace bathroom faucet.  Truth be told, it might or might not be that number on Wayne’s well maintained boat to-do project spreadsheet.

It wasn’t a must-do safety; and Wayne’s been slaving away at many of those.  But on a cold, damp Jacksonville day, temps dipping down into the low 40s with a wind chill sinking further into the high 30s (thank you for sending my down jacket, Phil & Gunnel!), it was the perfect invitation for inside projects.  And it made his Galley Wench very, very happy.

boat improvement projects
Bathroom faucet before….

Maybe it was the 30+ “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”s I gave him on replacing the galley sink.  

boat faucet
Bathroom faucet after…. ‘Nuff said!

Soon we’ll set sail… first our Florida coast shakeout.   Then we’re off and down into the beautiful Bahamas, at long last finding our own piece of private beach, after many months working in lovely Oretga Landing Marina, a tight-knit but all-too-public marina. Meanwhile, Wayne tackles the next item off the list, while our countdown to paradise clock ticks.