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weather bar chart jacksonville florida
Yup; we did get unseasonably cold “January”
weather in October.  Weather bar chart from
Wikipedia’s Jacksonville FL entry (click here to link to it).
The coldest temperature recorded at Jacksonville International Airport was 7 °F (−14 °C) on January 21, 1985 reports Wikipedia in its Jacksonville roundup (click here to learn more about the largest city by area in the lower 48).   Okay, it didn’t get that cold, but two weeks ago, temps dropping into the 40s overnight inspired us to buy a space heater; a luxury marina shore power makes possible.
“This is January weather!” exclaimed Bertie, my walking buddy, who’s lived here long enough to call herself a local (watch for a future post on Bertie, aka “otter mom”).  We shivered in our sweats in our sweats on our morning walk.
I got used to heat indexes of 100+ F.  Spending the last 16 months in lands where 70+ F is more the norm, anything over that prompts me to reach for warmer wear… for me 40s are darned cold!  Okay, there one one very brief fleecy exception (click to witness its chilling effect).

One of the many items on our to-do list prior to leaving…
fix our bimini and dodger.  Salt air and sunshine are not kind
to many boat parts!

In fact, we’re back to warmer weather again… for now.  Today spaghetti straps were fine on a thin-blooded gal who gets the chills in the low 70s. 
A cold front’s due in next week though, so I’m relieved Wayne’s down to 35 items on our countdown list.
What countdown? 
Setting sail for our winter migration South.  December 1stis our target date for at long last going vagabond again.  We plan to meander down the intracoastal and Florida Atlantic Coast until January; then it’s off to the Bahamas and perhaps points beyond until ~June 2014.  Then it’s back to work again for 6 months over hurricane season.

cruising route map Bahamas and beyond
This is the most ambitious cruising plan option we’d tackle
this year…. Jacksonville Florida to the Spanish Virgins of
Puerto Rico.  Lots of time in the Bahamas, potentially stopping
off in the Dominican Republic.

What list? Fellow cruisers… you know what that’s all about!  Wish us luck and feel free to commiserate.  For cruiser-wanna-bes or curious souls, “the list” is rich grist for future posts.

Jacksonville, Florida, where we currently are, is Point A…
At the very least, our sail will take us down Florida’s East Coast,
then into the Bahamas…. its many islands trailing South and East.