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French Leave Beach didn’t get much more crowded than this. Eleuthera, Bahamas.

By the time you read this, we’re probably out of wifi range. This Thursday morning we’re headed back to the US, 24/7 sailing with an ETA of sunset, Friday, April 30th. Ideally, we can make the 207 nautical miles to Fort Pierce by then. If not, we’ll pull into Lake Worth, which is 170 miles from where are as I write this, the night before our departure and post right before we pull anchor. 

We’ll miss the balmy Bahamas days, warm water and the vibrant color palette across the entire spectrum of blue, accentuated by golden, white or pink sands, iconic leafy green palm trees, and white-trimmed buildings painted in happy colors—pastel pinks, pistachio green, and sunny yellows.

But we’re also feeling ready to be back in the familiarity of the States.

Location Location

We’re currently at Clifton, the Western tip of Providence Island, about 15 miles from Nassau, 25 01 387N 77 32.984W. The water is crystal clear and we saw lots of surprisingly fast sea turtles and a ray zip by. We walked Jaws Beach (named for the reputedly awful Jaws sequel, Jaws Revenge), relieved we didn’t get fleeced for the entry fee to the underwhelmingly run-down Clifton Heritage site. We didn’t make it Flipper Beach, yet another former show-biz filming location.  But I almost wish I didn’t research the weird dilapidated architecture at adjacent Lyford Cay, built by Candian fashion mogul, Peter Nyguard. Warning: if even half of the accusations he got convicted for are true, he is one sick dude

More soon!

I still plan to catch up on posts about Long Island, Georgetown, Flamingo and Water Cay, Lee Stocking Island, Eleuthera and Nassau, interspersed with our new cruising ground adventures along the US eastern seaboard.