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This is what the varnish on Journey’s rail
currently looks like.

If you thought people sunburned easily, wait until you see what it does to boats!  

When Wayne bought Journey in March 2012, her brightwork (varnish) was beautiful.  Alas, while recently done, a thin 3 coats in the Caribbean just doesn’t cut it, as you can see in the photo.

Scraped, stripped, sanded, taped and ready to Cetol.  Pretty wood!

We are there….  In this case, St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie.

“Boat work in paradise” is a common Caribbean cruiser’s lament.  “We have extra brushes!” Wayne wittily responded to the couple who dropped the line watching us work as they cruised by in their dinghy.

Before and after…. The shiny part is Cetoled; the part before it
is on our upcoming project list to scrape, strip, sand, tap
 and Cetol.

We are sanding and refinishing Journey’s lovely teak trim.  We started with the bump rails, exterior grab rails and eyebrows,  We refinished them in Cetol, as we will the varnish in the photo on the left.  Our cockpit dining table, combings (little cockpit glove compartments of sorts) and companionway cover we’ll varnish.  Cetol is easier to maintain, varnish is prettier.

Journey’s been good to us; she deserves a nice facial so she can look as pretty as she is.