Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Gary, and Dorasett, our host did, well – there were about
70 of us aboard.  Photo courtesy Gary Horton.

Our friend Gary is an enterprising sort. When he invited us to come along for a sunset cruise on a Rodney Bay Marina “Endless Summer” catamaran (“cat” for short) at a killer price, with 50 or so other folks, even though we’re here on a sailboat, we jumped at the opportunity.
Thanks to calm seas and the renowned stability of cats, we weren’t
too concerned about the scent of herbal campfire emanating
from some VERY LARGE “you wrap ‘ems” from what
appeared to be our crew well before we left the dock.

Apparently normally these soirees go for about $200 EC (~$80 USD), though they include nibblies and booze.  We were happy to pay about $8 USD and BYOB (bring your own booze).  We were the only non-locals (long-term “yachtees” like Gary included as “non-locals”) on board.

Wayne, happy to relax with
someone else behind the
wheel, for a “date night;” his first
catamaran ride on something
other than a Hobiecat.
We got folks moving when I knocked my red wine cooler (sangria-like coolers, with cola and red wine – seriously – it’s a legitimate “club drink” in Spain)… over on a long bench, which quickly flowed down the line.  Folks hopped up while, I sheepishly wiped, fast and furious. No more red wine drinks for me without a sippy cup at public gatherings!  Wayne figured party attendees just needed to wear red bottoms, like the red-shorted fellow seated to our right.
Even though it was BYO (bring your own) food and drink, some folks brought food to share.  Sue the owner of RazMataz Indian restaurant shared delicious curry chicken balls with a yogurt dipping sauce.  Jill, who runs the local yoga studio, Yoga on the Bay, brought two silky vegetarian dips, one carrot-sweet pepper-curry and another lentil-mushroom-cashew.  Another lesson learned though was to watch out for sharp-edged light-weight plastic plates, which can become near-lethal Frisbees in the breeze a cat generates motoring, much like the wind outside a speeding car window.
Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, just South of Rodney Bay and Castries.
It’s the safest hurricane hole (safe port in a bas storm)
in the Caribbean.
Though we arrived nearly 4 weeks ago, this was the first time we’ve been on a boat leaving Rodney Bay.  The “sail” (despite a nice breeze, the sails never came out – we motored the whole trip) was a beautiful ride down the coast, past Castries and into picture-postcard-perfect Marigot Bay, its coconut palms silhouetting against the setting sun.
Perfect first foray out of Rodney Bay; it doesn’t get any better….
Stunning scenery, spectacular sunset, magical full moon.
As the sunset became burnt orange, the music shifted from calypso to dance. Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” brought to mind hilarious scene from the “Full Monty” where a bunch of tough blue collar men twitch, attempting, in vain, to repress their rehearsed dance moves while hanging out in the unemployment line. When “Nothing but a hound dog” and “Great balls of fire” played, who could resist howling at the now full moon, dancing?”  Surely, not us!  And who knew Gary had all the moves and would take center stage grooving with “The Macerena?”