Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Stocking up on non perishable “essentials” before heading
to the more expensive waters of the  Bahamas.
“You’re getting that instead of this?”  Anna chided, a little shocked.  The “that” in question was PBR, more formally known as Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  The “this” was good local Portland microbrew.  Anna, my best friend for more years that I want to admit, and I are both foodies.  We were both very particular about our beer.
But I wasn’t buying for us; I was buying for Wayne.  He’d been hard at work on a hot day building a custom home; Anna considerately suggested meeting him with beer – a brilliant suggestion.
“This will be perfect.  You’ll see,” I predicted.  It was.  On a hot day, there’s nothing Wayne would rather drink than a PBR at quittin’ time.  That was 2007.
Natl. Guard PX, St Thomas,
no signage.

Flash forward.  As the weather’s gotten hotter and our budget tighter, the days of declaring “microbrew or water and no hops in between” are far behind me.  I’ve learned to like lager, especially if it’s ice cold and very cheap.

Alas, also gone are  Winco and TJs (Trader Joe’s) whistle-wetting bargains.  Ever since we left the States in July 2012, we’ve been shocked by steep beer prices, $2/12 oz can, even in cases, are commonplace. 

It’s “Bud” time doesn’t quite have the same ring, but we’ll
still toast the sunset with whatver we’ve got.  This sunset is
in Ruyter Bay, West of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.

Stuck in St. Thomas with engine failure, in our wanderings we stumbled across a military PX (“post exchange” [store]) for the St. Thomas National Guard.  As Wayne’s a card-carrying retired Air Force and National Guard vet, he appreciates the  deals PXs sometimes offer.  Lo and behold, here we found the cheapest beer anywhere — $14 for 30 12 oz. cans!  We couldn’t get it that cheap in the States!
The PX is in West Charlotte Amalie across the street from Crown Bay Marina and the Westside cruise ship docks.  It’s a small, very limited PX and is closed more than it’s open in our experience.  Items and sales come and go.
Unlike other PXs where Wayne’s shopped, he was never asked to show his military i.d.  Maybe it was a fluke, maybe they’re looser, or maybe who they sell to here is just more open.  Dunno. 
In any case, or in this case, a case of Bud, if you’re serving or served and happen to be thirsty in St. Thomas – this Bud’s for you!