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passage making cruising life to il saintes shortcut

We developed a certain affection for this poor,
battered $4 clock.  Alas, it is now dead beyond repair and gone.

We were sad, and at the same time, impressed and amazed at how long it survived. 
To turn the clock back, so to speak, we bought it over a year ago when we needed a little extra insurance we’d wake up at oh-dark-hundred for a 4:20 am bridge opening in Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe.  It opened only once a day, n the morning. The bridge provided the gateway to cut directly through the middle of Guadeloupe to make it possible to day sail to our next destination, Antigua (click here to read about that passage and photos of the most gorgeous sunrise we’ve seen cruising).
“You’ll won’t find anything open,” Wayne insisted, when I set out to buy a clock.  Like so many French Territories, Sundays they become ghost towns.  The sidewalks roll up.  Plus, we were in a cruise ship area, and there were no cruise ships docked.
But I had faith.  Amid the deserted avenues, we found one ticky-tacky shop open, its proprietor a Chinese woman, busily sweeping her vacant shop.  Lo and behold, they carried several clocks to choose from!  Yes, they were all junk.  I bought the cheapest, gaudiest one for about $4.  Let’s call her Daisy.  All I cared about was that Daisy work once; our next morning.  She did.  And then some…
She had her own special spot, on the night stand on my side in our v-berth “bedroom.”
Despite Daisy’s abitlity to traverse our cabin with the velocity and violence of a pro hockey puck on anything other than a gentle sail, she survived for over a year.  Sure, she was dog-eared. She’d lost her battery cover long ago, we know not where.  She died and was resurrected several times.  But she ran.  And ran.  And ran.
And then, she didn’t.  She gave her all.

Eventually, we’ll find something to replace Daisy.  For now, our cell phone alarms are serving us well.  But, nothing will quite ever be the same as our lime green $4 daisy clock.  If there’s a heaven for clocks, Daisy’s earned a quiet niche where she can tick-tock contentedly away until the end of time.

Location Location
April 2, 2014, BAHAMAS.  We’re currently enjoying the Ragged Islands off Hog Cay near Duncantown (N22.14.920 W75.45.106) while waiting for the next SE weather window to move.