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September 7, 2012:  Miami to St. Lucia… in theory

Will we make it, together, this Friday to St. Lucia?

Wayne’s redeye connector… didin’t.  He’s scrambling across PDX airport to catch an alternate flight on an alternate airline whose arrival is only 1/2 hour away from “our” connecting flight, from Miami to St. Lucia.  Ok, well, meanwhile, he’s using the limbo to relax over a 20 oz Hef.  Good man.  Why the heck not?  It won’t change the outcome, but it can make the wait a lot more pleasant.

Tomorrow we either board a luggage-laden St. Lucia-bound flight, together, or, find a hot place to stay in the USA one more day and celebrate a week of separation in style.   Of course, we’ve not budgeted for this prospective minor calamity.

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