Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Thanks, Facebook friends who put in your clever caption ideas for this funny photo of three hermit crabs.

  • Well, if you have a pointy butt, the pointy shell does fit better! — Liz Hawkins
  • I have always wanted to live in the White House.  — Liz Hawkins
  • Hey hey… stop poking me!  — AJ Schricker
  • You don’t have to be grabby just because you’re a crab! Keep those pinching, pokey things to yourself!  — Nancy Stillwell Yoes
  • Herman, I think I’m into something good! But maybe I’m just daydreaming . . . . Herman & the Hermits   — Daniel West
  • I always like to pinch !!! — Phil Seitz
  • Do you believe the price of the rents around here? — Lea Pennicott (from Facebook’s Women Who Sail)
  • Where are my beanie weenies? — Charlene Graeber Green (from Facebook’s Women Who Sail)
  • Join our conga line! — Cindy Smith (from Facebook’s Women Who Sail)
  • Hey um, why is the beach disappearing? — Jolie Welch (from Facebook’s Women Who Sail)
  • Crabby menage a trois time!  — (me)

What’s your favorite?
Or — your own clever caption for this?

Location Location

Recent retrospective of our time from October 21-25 2015 at “Uoleva Yacht Club” (aka TaliTali’Anga Eco Resort in Tonga, Uoleva Ha’apai (S19.50.863 W174.24.864).  We moved onto anchor Nov 29 2015 near Russell, New Zealand and are currently in Waitata Bay (S35.15.313 E174.07.974).

Cruising By the Numbers
Since we left Jacksonville Florida in December, 2014 — less than a year ago — we’ve sailed over 10,000 miles!

A set of tables detailing all our stops will be added to the blog soon.