Galley Wench Tales

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Wayne & Dana, Sailors (currently boatless)

Wayne Seitz, Captain, Dana Greyson, First Mate & Galley Wench.
Wayne & Dana on s/v Journey, our first major cruising boat, in the Virgin Islands. Photo courtesy of Michael Briggs

Wayne‘s the kinda guy who comfortably parked an 80 million dollar plane in a hangar with 8″ clearance on each side.  He’s also one heck of a mechanic and navigator  Great qualities for a captain!  He still prowls the forums to helping other cruisers when he can.

Dana served many watches yet still hesitates to call herself a skilled sailor. However, she possesses solid sea legs, provides good-natured company and great grub.  A published freelance writer (including some Cruising World shorts among her 100+ articles), she chronicles our travels and life on Off and on, she’s working on a memoir about our travels, though at the moment there’s another writing project in the queue before that. To keep updated on her progress or learn to plan your own adventures, visit

For now, we are happy to crew aboard friend’s boats or rent. We miss the boating life though not necessarily owning a boat.