Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Rainforest Granola $11.49 EC (before VAT – more
on that on a post soon) gram package
(~$4 USD, or about $1/serving),1 banana
runs for about a quarter apiece, and
the pre-vat price for New Zealand
full cream instant milk is $10.49 EC (~$4USD)
and there’s still a lot left in the package
I bought nearly 4 weeks ago.

Fitness buffs, sadly, while we are getting up at 6 am most morns, this does not currently mean I’m doing exercises at the crack of dawn, but instead what goes in my mouth to get my day started.

Usually breakfast is a cup of French pressed (overly fine ground) coffee (though really Jonesin’ for a less-mess Melitta, and have seen the filters but not the cones) creamed with full-cream instant milk from New Zealand, St. Lucian Rainforest Crunch and sometimes a locally grown banana,.  Quick, cheap and easy, and gets my day going in more than one way.

St. Lucian Product specs for us nerdy label readers (which definitely includes me!):

  • 262 calories (½ cup servings– reasonable for a granola… though of course the milk, and if I add it, banana info isn’t included calorifically!)
  • 15 g fat (a lot)
  • 43 g  carbs (dang, a lot!)
  • 7 g fiber (excellent!)
  •  8 g sugar (not bad)
  •  4 g protein (nice bonus)

Eat, drink (dairy) and be merry!