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July 10, 2012:  Cassel Falls to Melanie Cove off Prideaux Haven
Cassel Falls, Teakern Arm, Desolation Sound.
Despite the drama of setting our stern tie yesterday, our reel-in was smooth, and no one was close enough to cause and concern when we pushed off.  From there, we motored up to Cassel Falls to get a good view before heading out.  Our neighboring sailor, who’s visited Cassel Falls for the past 30 years, said he’d never seen it with double falls in summer before.  

Close up to Cassel Falls.
There is one spot to anchor at the base of the falls, for anyone lucky enough to be that one boat.

Our ride to Prideaux Haven was easy; it’s a breathtakingly beautiful stretch, verdant islands, with a stunning backdrop of jagged snowy peaks. 

sailing Desolation Sound
View from our O’Day sailboatapproaching Prideaux Haven area.

How the heck could Captain Vancouver complain “There was not a single prospect that was pleasing to the eye,” thus naming the area Desolation Sound? Now I’m curious… what was his idea of beauty?  Maybe he had some really nasty weather, and it was all gray.
Prideaux Haven offers plenty of places to anchor.   We anchored – no need to stern tie! — in Melanie Cove, a short hop to the trailhead.

Lush trail connecting
Melanie and Laura Coves
Dinghied to shore and hiked from Melanie Cove to Laura Cove.  The trail was lush, even dark, the afternoon warm and humid.  We must’ve taken a long cut as the way back was much faster and best of all, did not pass back through the mosquito-infested bog.
Desolation Sound near Prideaux Haven.
View from our anchorageat Melanie Cove at dusk.
Since we’d been traveling every day, we decided we’d take a break.  That night we ate leftover chicken enchilada casserole and planned to spend our next day there, doing boat repairs.  

Wayne was concerned about our engine was running too hot, and needed to see what was going on.  Also our head (aka – toilet) was rearing its ugly head.  The lines were looking nasty and the smell was not much better.  

We weren’t sure what was going on, but had some guesses.  That would wait until tomorrow.