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July 14, 2012:  Toba Bay Wildernest to Galley Bay
View from Toba Wildernest bluff trail.
We knew this was as far afield this trip as we could go, and it was time to begin our return to Everett.  If we had it to do over again, no question we’d make more time to explore the pristine Toba Inlet wilderness area.  
There was still time to make a brief bluff hike and take a shower before we left.  Despite a bluff point closer to 120 degrees than 360 degree radius, the turquoise green waters offered a pleasing bird’s-eye-view.  After that sweaty hour-long hike, the hot waterfall of a shower was glorious, and worth every penny.
Toba Inlet to Homfray Channel
Exiting Wildernest, we enjoyed the lovely cascades that lined the surrounding Coast Mountains peaks, soaring from the tideline to heights of 7,875 feet…
disappearing in the distance. We headed down Homfray Channel.  

Ancient pictographs (?)
etched in red
We were able to successfully spot the native pictographs Kyle suggested we keep an eye out for.  They seemed awfully bright and clear for something supposedly left behind by natives, presumably some time long ago.
Basking in another warm sunny afternoon with relative privacy, we were in no rush to rejoin civilization.  We hove to (drifted, safely) for a bit to savor it, while we still could.  After our brief romantic interlude, we approached Galley Bay.  A brisk wind built as we made way to the slender bay.
Galley Bay anchorage; we
were grateful for our stern anchor
DreamSpeak Guidebook again offered colorful history and inadequate anchoring guidance.  We eventually picked out a tight, but comparatively sheltered anchorage point. It was windy enough for us to set both a bow and stern anchor, convinced it was necessary for a sound sleep.  It was the only time this trip we anchored and did not go ashore.