Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

July 15, 2012:  Galley Bay to Powell River
Who’d have guessed
Powell River’s Ferry Terminal
would be so busy?
This time we passed Lund without needing to stop.
Our urgent need to use Lund’s pumpout was alleviated thanks to a now well-developed technique for periodically depositing small amounts of sterile liquid to deep, wide, open bays.  Ask, if you’re curious; it can be described with a balance of detail, simplicity and humor.
By midday, we pulled into Powell River marina, fueled and docked.  The marina and its staff were welcoming.  However, they were unable to fix a flaky internet connection, so we spent the afternoon wandering about, in search of eats, drinks and internet access.   After several tries, we found a Greek restaurant with excellent internet access.  We called it our “brews and news.”
We stretched our legs a bit more for mini-provisioning and some scenery, but didn’t leave ourselves enough time to indulge in the lovingly restored 1913 Patricia Theatre. Instead we watched a surprising succession of ferries silhouetted by a vibrant sunset.