Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Within our first mile, the sun began breaking through the fog
around Main Street Bridge, Daytona.

Once again, we awoke to fog. this time though, we were ready to push at 7-something a.m. The fog was “thin” enough we felt comfortable, without me scouting on the bow.

The grate on Daytona’s Main Street Bridge is pretty, IMHO.

Checking out the underside of the bridge and the drawbridge materials continues to fascinate me. 

We noticed the same bridge operator answered when we asked about the next bridge, the Memorial bridge. Our outdated Skipper Bob guide listed it as a drawbridge. It was since replaced with this one:

A tile mosaic of dolphins and manatees made up the base of Daytona Beach’s Memorial Bridge. 

Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Daytona foggy approaching it . . . 

Exiting the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge the fog lifted substantially.

Blue sky and clouds by the Coronado Beach Bridge. 
Once again, we encountered sailboat L’estime. This time she passed us promptly.

Ponce Inlet also begged for kayaking exploration.
Lots of herons, egrets, and other birdlife tucked into the mangroves.

The miles dragged, with wind and current in our face almost the entire way.  Lots of dolphins but none hung out long enough to catch them in a photo or video.

There wasn’t a lot of boat traffic, but High Cotton zipped past us in Ponce Inlet.

Haulover’s bridge tender didn’t even wait for us to ask for a lift.
We picked up speed in the 2 1/2 mile Haulover section as it sheltered us from the wind.

Haulover’s very laid back. Even the pelicans are content to mostly just hang out.

Covering the same 48-nm distance as the day before, we started earlier and arrived later. We could’ve dinghied into Titusville to get in a walk, but we anchored not long before sunset and recall that area from prior cruising as aways away from anything of interest.

Location Location

Sunset from our cockpit, anchored in Titusville, Florida.

Titusville on the Indian River, N28 37.845 W80 48.398. 

Tomorrow’s plan, if the southerlies don’t get too strong, is to cover roughly the same distance again, arriving in Melbourne, Florida.

This is a retrospective of yesterday; we’re currently in Melbourne and will write about that in the next post.