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and the food they eat.

July 8, 2012:  Squirrel Cove to Tenedos Bay
While the wind was too light and fluky for even the jib sail, we loved basking in the sunshine, in short sleeves (and less). 
Photo from;
this is what the jellyfish
looked like, except we
were looking top down,
not bottom up.
As we dropped anchor, we were wowed by lacy translucent white clouds of jellyfish, nearly all at least several feet below the surface, pulsing gracefully along.  They ranged in size from 6” to too small to see; most were about 2” or less; it would be easy to imagine an orchestra accompaniment, something operatic or for ballerinas… an out of season “Dance of the Sugar Plum Faires” perhaps.
Stern tie “spool”,  spun on
a re-purposed broomstick
handle.  Did the job!
Setting up the anchor stern tie for a quick escape was a bit of a bugger here.  We arrived at low tide.  The bank was steep, sharp from oysters, barnacles and rock, which was loose with lots of slippery spots.  I flopped backward into our wet, leaky dinghy, and cut my finger on an oyster shell as soon as I touched shore. Literally.  I swear I will be eating oyster soon in revenge!  I was sure I was typing up in one place, Wayne was sure I was typing up another.  Future tip:  discuss prior to dinghy launch intended stern anchor destination and rationale.

path to Unwin Lake, Tenedos Bay, Desolation Sound
Wayne crossing log bridge
to get to Unwin Lake.
A little chill out time over cold beers, coupled with a hot afternoon motivated us to wend our way to reportedly warm Unwin Lake. We followed what seemed like an obvious trail, until we came across an unstable logjam at the lake entrance.  Fortunately, we happily backtracked once shown the alternate path in from some sympathetic swimmers.  

PG photo of Dana at
Unwin Lake
We followed the lake rim further, until we found an area far enough away from easy view of the families to swin sans suit.  The bonus was the ability rinse out my salty and mud-stained clothes (the derriere on my shorts still bore the mark of the slippery trail on Copeland Island) in fresh water.  Despite the lake’s depth, the water was indeed warm enough to take a dip, and the black rocks were great for drying out us and my clothing.   The couple of folks who came upon us au naturelle didn’t seem to be fazed much.  An older couple told us about the hike through to the other cove of the island, which we’ll likely tackle tomorrow.
Without health insurance, we were happy to double back
and take the alternate land-based path to Unwin Lake.
We enjoyed a depraved late afternoon and the fun that typically follows.  Wayne washed his hair over the sink.  We’re settling in….  Trimmed my longest, most wayward tonenail with a wire cutter – thanks Wayne, you clever man for coming up with a surprisingly effective alternative tool to the pedicure set put aside for our trip Portland (not with us on the O’Day).
Dinner was an Asian Ramen…. Broccolini, about ½ c cut into matchsticks, a large garlic clove, slivered, 3 slices of ginger, 4 oz of canned mushroom pieces (liquid added) and 5 scallions, cut into strips about 1” long, seasoned with the beef mix that came in the package, ¼ t black pepper, ¼ t Spike seasoning and the leftover lamb medallion, about ½ c, cut into small, bite-sized strips.  Sautéed the garlic and ginger in ½ t of coconut “oil” (though if I’d paid attention would’ve used toasted sesame oil), then added the broccolini for a few minutes.  Added ~2 c water and the mushrooms and seasonings and boiled for about 3 minutes.  Then I added the noodles and boiled 3 minutes more.  Added the green onions and boiled another 2 minutes, turned off the heat, and stirred in the lamb.  Perfect for 2; no leftovers! 
Earlier we ate a dragonfruit and pineapple fruit salad (used up more leftovers!), meatloaf sandwich for Wayne, deviled eggs and lemon Cougar Mountain Snickerdoddle cookies for me, and fresh cherries. 
The sound of the Unwin creek emptying into Tenidos bay is peaceful, like a waterfall.  Perfect music for a sweet dreams.