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and the food they eat.

Flagler sponsored this St. Agustine Presbyterian Church. one of many distinctively ornate
Spanish-style buildings in historic downtown St. Augustine, Florida.
The church was closed to visitors because of COVID but it was allowed and encouraged to walk the exterior.

We planned to stop in St. Augustine because it’s an easy day trip from Jacksonville, Florida, we wanted to visit our friend there, and it’s one of those towns that’s touristy because it’s also kinda cool.

Jule, me, and Diane doing “the girl pix” at Jule’s. Wayne snapped the photo on Diane’s photocam.

It wasn’t our first and will likely not be our last visit to St. Augustine, the USA’s oldest city. Here’s a few prior St. Augustine trip posts

Once again, our friend Jule decided to see what I could do with the contents of her refrigerator. The asparagus-roasted-pepper-pesto, prosciutto, and cheese pizza and salad with farm-fresh greens, avos, oranges, beets, and blue with Jule’s home-made bitter-orange dressing were all hits.

Wayne, my derriere view while making dinner, and Jule at her hip AirBnB. Photo courtesy of Diane,
a Home Exchange guest at Jule’s, paving the way for Jule’s future free stays in Europe.

Afterward, I made the mistake of indulging in s’mores right before leaving Jule’s, which kept me too caffeinated to sleep until 4:30 am. Nonetheless, the alarm rang at 7 am, as our intent was to motor down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Daytona. We needed to hotfoot it at first light to get there by dark. 

Me and Jule making s’mores at Jule’s firepit at her AirBnB in St; Augustine.
Photo courtesy Diane.

Wayne poked his head up into our cockpit and saw . . . not much! We could barely see the boat about 150 feet away. St. Augustine’s Bridge of Lions, only a quarter-mile away, was not visible. The revised forecast warned of dense fog until 10. We waited. At 10 am the revised forecast predicted dense fog until 1, followed by rain and lightning. 

View out our cockpit in St. Augustine, Florida.

We ate breakfast and went ashore to stretch our legs, before the rain set in. I wore my foulie pants, jacket and waterproof hiking boots; Wayne wore his foulie jacket, a pair of jeans and his favorite suede Merrill walking shoes.

The rain came early, soaking Wayne’s jeans and shoes and filling our dinghy with about 3/4 gallon of water.

We coughed up an extra $24 for another day on our mooring ball and decided to take it easy. For over $60/night, there is a marina 20 miles further south, one of the few viable stops on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) between here and Daytona, our desired next stop. The other option is free but in front of a cement plant on “the ditch”—an especially boring part of the ICW. Been there, done that before. Dusty, Noisy. Ugly. Tight—and this time we’re in a bigger boat with a deeper draft.  Don’t want to go there again if we can help it.

Not long afterward, the rain stopped. The thunderstorms never transpired. We bemoaned our choice to stay.

Picturesque Flagler College. Visitors not allowed because of COVID, though
some visiting photographers don’t seem to be able to read.

“Ya wanna go ashore again?” Wayne asked. “It’s too late to make it anywhere on the boat, though we could’ve made that other marina if we’d left earlier.”

On the other hand, we got to relax and paid $24 instead of $60+ for a place to plant our boat for the night.

Tomorrow, the fog is supposed to lift earlier and better weather is forecast. We enjoyed a lazy afternoon, albeit while adding whole lotta to-dos to our list of stuff we need to do before we push off for the Bahamas.

We will get there! Once we’re positioned off Miami and the right weather hits, it’s just 40 miles to Bimini. In the meantime, we’ll slog our way, safe and slow, down the ICW. We sigh enviously as we look at Neville and Catherine’s Dreamtime blog; they arrived in the Bahamas a few weeks ago. We have a habit of following less gloriously in their footsteps. They’re Wayne’s original inspiration for going cruising in the first place.

Location Location

For now, still in St. Augustine. Florida, N29 53.286 W81 18.340. Tomorrow, hopefully, Daytona. Saturday, Ft. Pierce for a few days.