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Dana Greyson former cruiser with dirt on her face

Dirt on face, but yachtie cap still in tow. Dana Greyson aka GalleyWenchTales returns, with one foot on land and the other in the water.

My dirty face inspired Wayne, who rarely snaps photos, to take this one of me a few days ago. Amazingly, my baseball cap dates back to 2013; won from Jacksonville Florida’s Ortega Landing Marina (now “Port 32 Jacksonville at Ortega Landing”) after my first year of cruising. That cap’s got a lotta miles!

We are still currently boatless, not even in possession of a kayak.

Despite that and returning to the world of work and home-ownership, we’ve taken some adventures. Thanks for friends, we’re still finding ways to get out on the water. There is probably a towable boat in our future,  one we can tow and spend more time where we want to be, rather than spending more time getting there and back, as well as a kayak.

TBD how much adventures while this blog took a hiatus will be backdated versus forward-focussed. In the interim, this blog moved from Blogger, which seemed to make a lot of sense when I started in 2012, to WordPress, which is more subscriber-friendly. Anyhow, I’ve stalled long enough on making some sorely-needed updates and am now out of excuses. Late October I’ll teach a community class on affordable travel, so it’s time to get back online!

For those of you who followed me before, welcome back! My apologies for being such a slacker here. And welcome newbies!

More soon. As always, your feedback is appreciated.