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Lucia Falls, in Yacolt, Washington; early springtime afternoon, March 10, 2020.

On those rare Pacific Northwest springtime days when the sun does shine–carpe diem!

As coronavirus dominates the airwaves, getting out in the wide-open spaces of the great outdoors is a healthy way to escape the worry, do no harm and feed your soul. 

Lucia Falls, Moulton Falls and Sunset Falls . . .This easy hiking sweet trio of waterfalls within a stone’s throw of each other is one of Clark County’s most beautiful spots. Dougan Falls, in the hills above Washougal ranks a close second IMHO.

No hand sanitizer required.

East Fork Lewis River view from Hartwick Road Bridge near between Lucia and Moulton Falls trailheads.
Lucia Falls, Yacolt Washington.
Downstream of Lucia Falls.
The violets smelled heavenly!
Sunset Falls, Yacolt, Washington.
Upstream of Sunset Falls, Yacolt, Washington.
White violets; less vibrant than their indigo siblings though every bit as fragrant.
We waited and waited for this butterfly to spread its wings to no avail. Camera shy!

Location Location

Easy walking trails throughout the trio of waterfalls:  Lucia, Moulton and Sunset Falls.

This is our last morning house-sitting at a friend’s in Vancouver Washington. We’re off to our next house-sit, a Trusted Housesitters* gig in NorthEast Portland Oregon.

*my affiliate link and a 25% membership discount to Trusted House-sitters, those house-sits we’re doing other than for friends.

Yes, I’m still playing catch-up on our sunscape road trip from February; there’s still more to come.