Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.


Jacksonville Florida’s cable-stayed Dames Point Bridge towers over the St. John’s river at 175 feet high
We’ve crossed
under that bridge quite a few times—in our sailboat.

Today’s goal: hit the road at 8 am, book a ferry in St. Mary’s to Cumberland Island National Seashore for tomorrow, and see with the parks office to see if any campsites opened up. 

Bye-bye Florida, we’re northbound at last.

We stopped off at Fernandina Beach seashore along the way to stretch our legs. Then we stopped at Eagan’s Creek Park to enjoy a close-up view of the vivid green verdant low country.  Wayne spotted a ‘gator; got a photo but with its back to us, not that interesting a shot. I’ll post it anyway if anyone’s interested; let me know.

Crossed the border into Georgia. We’ll see if we can find a farmer’s stand with Georgia peaches.

No luck on a Cumberland campsite, but tomorrow’s ferry’s booked. We’ll get in a good day hike tomorrow, heading out on the first ferry of the day, and leaving on the last.

Let the adventures begin!

Location Location
We’re at Kingston, Georgia tonight and tomorrow night, as it’s the town next to St. Mary’s, where the ferry to Cumberland Island Seashore picks up and drops off Cumberland Island visitors.