Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Our French cheese is far past picture-worthy.  Will replace it
with one I take in St. Martin.

Brie.  Camembert.  Compte.  Chevre.  Emmanthal (Swiss).  Buttery-soft, fatty, stinky French cheese… cheap at Leader-Price.

Crusty, fresh baguettes.  Greasy dry salami with hazelnuts.  Add a dash of mustard, Dijon or spicy brown.  Ahhh, so excellent in their fatty goodness, a veritable culinary orgy of simple hand food for passages and road trips, or just because. 
Oh… we will miss the French Islands (Martinique, Guadaloupe and soon St. Martin) and especially Leader-Price.  Oh sure, Guadaloupe’s Geant Casino dedicated an aisle to an assortment of cheese… packaged, wheels cut to order wedges to your desired size.  It was overwhelming.  But Leader-Price, like Trader Joe’sback in the States, had a small, choice selection, packaged and priced just right.  Resistance was futile, and we didn’t want to resist.
Galley Wench, feeling a
little thick-waisted.

Eventually our icebox will smell sweeter, and my waistline will wane in sweet sorrow, for French cheese is a terrible thing to waist.