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and the food they eat.

dock at ortega landing marina jacksonville fl
Ice on the dock Thanksgiving morning at Ortega Landing Marina.

“Don’t you think they have kosher turkeys in California?” Mom asked Gram, who hauled along a 17 pound turkey from Buffalo from California for Thanksgiving. Yeah, that was wayyyyy before 9-11 and revised TSA flight carryon regulations.

Yet, this morning’s America’s Test Kitchen (click here to hear that episode) chose the Kosher Empire turkey as the favorite in their blind taste test of commercially available turkeys, so maybe Gram was onto something after all.  Mom, too was right, they were readily available in California.  Mom remembered; we chuckled at the memory this Thanksgiving morning.

thanksgiving for live-aboards
Steam rising from the pool on a chilly Thanksgiving morning.

That was after Skyping Lili in Slovenia.  Far from home, we loved introducing her and and Tomaz to the US Thanksgiving tradition with all the trimmings last year in Antigua (click here to read about Thanksgiving, Caribbean Style).  As we’re not sure when we’ll see each other again, we’re grateful to stay connected digitally.

Today we enjoyed an abundant “orphan’s Thanksgiving” amongst a congenial crowd of 39 folks at Ortega Landing Marina‘s clubhouse (will update photos pilfered from the marina Facebook page)…. We will miss the folks here as we prepare to set sail in a week.  

thanksgiving potluck for live-aboards

Today was a day of rest, other than our potluck contribution of home-made cranberry sauce (recipe follows) and pumpkin pie.   Tomorrow, well, that’s another story. Oh, and dunno if the turkey was a Kosher Empire, but it was really, really good.

Shrimp grits… woulda been the perfect Southern turkey-day
breakfast. Alas I’ve yet to learn to make them with shrimp.