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Galapagos!  SO.57.924. W90.57.750


We’re here… anchored off Isabela Island (SO.57.924. W90.57.750).

Sunset over our stern

It’s beautiful here anchored off Galapagos IIsa Isabela.  The sun set over our stern is gorgeous!  We’re still boat bound until we finish getting cleared. 

 Just a bit of our trip along the way…

Sunset over Santa Cruz


Galapagos sunset over Santa Cruz…  
Not long until we check in at Isabella.
Sailing “speed.”

Just in case you thought that 1 knot sailing “speed” was because we’re slackers…. This was the wind – Less than our sailing “speed”. 

Getting there.

Oh, that’s what they mean by the doldrums!!  Fortunately, winds picked up – we had thought we would arrive at Galapagos Isabella Island Wednesday – a result of 100% sail power.


Champagne toast to the equator

Here we are celebrating crossing the equator.  Champagne for Neptune and a toast to us.  Wayne caught a tuna today, too!  Our arrival in Galapagos was be a bit longer due to lighter winds, but we enjoyed the moments along the way.

Check out the wings on our stowaway surprise! Puttering around one morning and found this guy flew in and landed at the base of the navigation table in our cabin.  Bait!  

Today’s bait — flying fish.


We often surfed more than we sailed!  This day was much better!
Surfs up!  Between Panama and Galapagos.


Location Location

Galapagos, Ilsa Isabela, Ecuador.