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prime island meat run to cruising destination georgetown bahamas

Cruiser passenger (over) loading underway
for the meat run to Prime Island Meats.

How many cruisers can you fit into the back of a pickup truck?  Too many!  Enough to sag the tires of said pickup truck.  “What do the springs look like?” Wayne wondered….
“We’re headed in to catch a ride to the meat place,” Dee of Ursa Minor said, whilst we were figuring out the best logistics to meet up. 
We’d heard about it on the morning cruiser net; the store proprietor from Prime Island Meats & Deli picks up cruisers near the Georgetown Yacht Club and takes them to his shop.  When they’re done shopping, he brings them back, in some cases also dropping off folks for errands if they’re along the way.
prime island meat run to cruising destination georgetown bahamas

Passenger (over) loading complete for the
Georgetown cruiser meat run.  Clark
and Wayne stand by… for a later, less full lift.

For the most part, we hadn’t stocked our miniscule freezer since we left Marathon Florda, over a month ago.  We were game for a group provisioning foray with free transporation.
Obviously, we weren’t the only footloose cruisers interested.  When the passenger loading became reminscent of a frat party trying to see how many bodies they could fit in a VW beetle, we stepped back and stopped counting…. I confess to what I consider a healthy case of claustrophobia, particularly when it comes to maintaining my personal space in crowds.
prime island meat run to cruising destination georgetown bahamas

Tired tires on the Georgetown cruiser meat run
to Prime Island Meats. (Wayne … “What do
the springs look like?”)

Clark of Undaunted said, “They said they’ll do another run when they bring these guys back.”  He, Ron and Dee, Wayne and I waited.  “Leave some for us!” we cajoled the sardine-packed cruisers, who laughed as hit the dusty trail.
Indeed they did.  Prime Island Meatssurprisingly good selection of fairly priced cheeses got us more excited than their meats.  Heck, these were Trader Joe’s type options – goat cheese, smoked gouda and brie – at affordable prices.  The
total bill for chicken, cheeses and luncheon meat and two soft drinks was less than $60.

prime island meat run to cruising destination georgetown bahamas

Prime Island Meats in La
Familla Darville Shopping Center

We’ll definitely be back to restock more seriously before we head further afield! 

prime island meat cruiser provisioning georgetown bahamas
Chicken from Georgetown’s Prime Island Meats at prices comparable
to the States. 

prime island meat cruiser provisioning georgetown exuma bahamas
Cheeses from Georgetown’s Prime Island Meats
– smoked gouda, brie, and goat cheese plus
the usual standbys (swiss, pepperjack, etc) at prices
comparable to the States.