Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Virgin Islands Mango
beer with “great nose.”

Given we’re regularly swapping spit and other liquids, I didn’t sweat it when Wayne sniffed my Virgin Islands Mango Ale too deeply.  In appreciating its “Great nose!” he dipped his in it!
It did smell yummy.  Tasted good too, for those of us, like me, who ocaisionally like “fruit loop beer.”
The most visible local beer
in the VIrgin Islands.
Since leaving St. Martin, and entering The Virgins, I’ve not seen a dominantly advertised island beer.  The most local beers I’ve  seen are the Virgin Islands beers; as they’re a bit higher end, there are less predominant.  In St. Thomas, I tried the local Blackbeard Ale, which tasted more like a porter.
We saw “Cold Beer” in Tortola’s Road Town
yard, then at Trellis Bay, in  the water

“Beer Cooler” was at White Bay,
Jost Van Dyke.
Now, I do write a lot about alcohol.  Like it or not, that’s because it is the most consistently prominent cultural identifier I’ve seen in our travels.  Here’s a few more recent examples….
“Painkiller” was at Bitter End, off Virgin Gorda.  Click here  if you’re not sure  what a Painkiller is, Caribbean style.
Local Caribbean rum & beers would put Starbuck’s, the iconic coffee culture of my home in the Pacific Northwest, to shame.