Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Wayne first noticed this new addition the coffee shop crowd,
heading our way.  He seemed to be checking us out.
Tip to tail, he was a about 3 feet long and looked
like he really could use a cuppa joe.
Despite considerable hiking in iguana territory, the closest I’ve come to an iguana in the wilds of the Caribbean, was in a coffeeshop! 
After crossing right alongside the chair legs under our table,
he glanced back at us over his shoulder… if indeed
iguanas have a shoulder.
Apparently we weren’t sufficiently interesting.
He continued on past, to the edge of the deck, then
down and away.
We came for great coffee and blazing fast internet.  The iguana
was an unexpected bonus.
We heard from some locals in St. John’s where we are now, that the iguanas on this island like to eat soursop blossoms (one of our favorite Caribbean fruits).  We’re figuring a brilliant island offering of iguana kebabs with a soursoup sauce would be poetic justice.  After all, we’re betting, they taste just like chicken.