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cruising destinations in the bahamas
Last year, more pigs, more were swimming.
Coincidence?  Probably not.

Imagine swimming pool aqua waters, 400 pound sows nearly sinking our tiny dinghy in their eagerness to snarf Jerry Garcia pancakes.  Well, you don’t have to imagine it…. here’s photographic evidence!  (Click here to see the rest of last year’s spectacular images — my Facebook banner still bears a swimming pigs images from last May).

This year, with our bigger, faster, higher riding dinghy (thank you West Marine!) we were far less worried about capsizing. 

swimming hogs at cruising destination bahamas
One sow?  No competition.
Why swim when wading will do

There were also less pigs.  Maybe feeding time wanes as sunset approaches.  For good reason, as we fed the pigs, we were food for the no-see-ums!  We fled to our dinghy, slapping, waving and scratching, and enjoyed watching the feeding from afar from the next set of visitors.

As we motored out into Great Major Cay bay at sunset, we salivated over the scent bacon, wafting lazily across the still water. We’re betting some cruiser was inspired by the sight and it’s just a coincidence there were less pigs this year than last. 

swimming pigs at great major cay exuma bahamas
This is a center console dinghy, 12′ -14′ so this pig

is bigger than you’d think! 

Location, Location
Feb 20, 2014. BAHAMAS. Black Point, Great Guana Cay, Exumas (N24.10.937  W.76.24.291). Tomorrow, we’ll be anchored at  a TBD isolated harbor further South on Great Guana Cay (no internet).

cruising destination in the bahamas
Part one:  Look at the cute piglets!

cruising destination bahamas
Part two:  Feeding the sow and piglet.  Big sow!

cruising destination bahamas
Part three:  Food gone.  Run away!  Run away!