Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Fort Du France waterfront, about 1/2 hour or so after
the weed-whacker brigade started.  Any earlier and it
was too dark to successfully take a photo with my current camera.

It’s oh-dark-hundred, sometime between 4 and 5:30 am. 

We’re anchored outside a classic French Territory beach town… government docks, gazebo amphitheater, park benches, walkways, adjacent beach.  In this case, capital of Martinique’s Fort Du France*, there’s also a kid’s playground with swing-sets, tennis and basketball courts. 
Then… Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg.
Now… if you are awaken early anchoring in Fort Du France,
watching the day break sure is pretty.  There are a lot
worse ways to start your day.

It’s weed-whacker time as the nasal two-stroke motor that supplants lawn mowers (when the other alternative, goats are not used) here in the Caribbean gets to work.  To be fair, we can understand why it would be less than appealing to do the task when it’s 85 degrees with 85% humidity under the blazing sun.  And not weed whacking when kids are playing inches away may make more sense than noise abatement considerations.

Massive perimeter clearing at an otherwise peaceful waterfall
in the hills of Martinique.  Note weed-whacker in action
with the fellow on the right.

But then, on our Martinique road trip, we’re driving through a lush, wild rainforest.  We pull over for the “natural wonder” stop, marking a hiking trail of note.  Several other cars, families ambling out, follow suit.  Seems to be a popular time and spot to visit as we’ve seen few fellow tourists in our off-season travels here.  We, and the other tourists, clamber down a dirt and loose rock trail, cross a stream, and find ourselves at a lovely little waterfall.  The air is filled with the sound of… Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. Bbbbbbrrrrrr-zzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg — a weed-wacker.  The view, blocked by maintenance workers.

The logic?  Dunno.
Goats — much quieter than weed whackers and cute as heck!

Bring on the goats!  It’s okay if you throw in George Clooney too, but only if he has a decent script.

*retrospective — we are at the moment in Guadaloupe — our 2nd country since Martinique