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It’s so BIG!  Carrot from Georgetown’s
Exuma Market is the size of my forearm!

Sailing from St. Lucia to Florida last year, the carrots we bought looked old in the store and turned to mush fairly quickly.  They also appeared almost anorexic — skinny and scraggly.  Did good carrots go to wealthier and thus perhaps pickier countries, with the rejects landing somewhere in the Carribean?  I wonder.  When I lived in Hood River, most of the locally grown produce was unavailable in the neighborhood grocery stores; our next-door pear orchadist exported his crop to the Middle East.
Georgetown’s Exuma Market bulk carrots, are another story!  Considering that often my carrots are grated into an Asian-style slaw, these chubby characters much easier to work with than their skinnier cousins. So far, they seem to store well, too.  Not sure where they come from, much less if they’re local.
provisioning bahamas produce cruising destinations cruising life

Another view, same ginormous carrot. 

So even though groceries in general, especially non-perishables, are more expensive in the Bahamas, there are some nice surprises.
In the case of Exuma Market bulk carrots, bigger is better.  Oh yeah… they taste good, too! Just say no to fake “baby carrots,” which are usually bigger ones, mechanically whittled down.
If you think these are big, you should see the Caribbean yams!  They’re not quite watermelon size, but big is an understatement.  Bummer is, Wayne’s not much for yams or sweet potatoes and there’s no way I could finish one of those puppies by myself.
BTW, did you expect the topic to be carrots for this post?  If not, what, pray tell?

Wayne kidded, before he saw the title for this post, that we should save a carrot until it goes to mush, take a photo with me holding it wearing latex gloves, captioned, “Greg, honey, is it supposed to be this soft?” – “Animal House (clip),” for those of you not familiar with the source.

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Retrospective:  This was when we anchored at Exumas Georgetown area, Stocking Island (N23.31.011  W75.45.526).   At this time we are currently further South, in the Raggeds (N22.14.920 W75.45.106), though by the time it posts we may be headed to Long Island (this was written April 2 and scheduled to post April 4, 2014)