Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

If only our boat was as close as these in the marina, where
you could just walk aboard.  Ours was a dinghy ride away. 
They say into each life a little rain must fall.
In Biminini, our last stop in the Bahamas before heading back to the US, it rained A LOT. 
It didn’t help that we left our center hatch and companionway hatch open for some time before Wayne dinghied back to our boat and began mopping up.  Our dinghy easily was 6 inches deep with rainwater as the day progressed.

How much did it rain?  The pictures tell the tale….

We sought patches of shelter while the rain sluiced down.

These guys were jackhammering holes
into the pavement for drainage.

It stopped. We ventured a go at drying some of our drenched clothes.

Dark&Stormy seemed an appropriate drink,
non-alcoholic ginger beer and rum.

Note:  We are currently in Fort Lauderdale Florida, job hunting to replenish our cruising kitty.  This is a retrospective.

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