Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

These guys were guzzling it up at the Pointe A Pitre fish
market in Guadaloupe.  I wish I could’ve captured the hilarious
antics of their fellow Oualie Bay pelicans in video!
These ungainly birds always make me smile.

We’d never heard of Nevis before our trip there.  It was our last eve, and we were sorry to leave.   Nevis still had a few more sweet memories in store for us….
Up, up, up…. DIVE BOMB!  SPLASH! Gulp.
Up, up, up…. DIVE BOMB!  SPLASH! Gulp.
Up, up, up…. DIVE BOMB!  SPLASH! Gulp.
It’s a bird, not a plane, it’s a Kamikaze pelican!  Over and over, dawn until dusk, in the otherwise placid Northern corner of Oualie Bay, Nevis, these pelicans were having a jolly good time diving and feasting.  I was convinced even if these weren’t such fruitful fishing grounds, they’d dive-bomb there just for the sheer fun of it.
While Nevis’s Four Seasons hotel is swanky…
Back on our boat, a little later, we heard a band playing, badly.  Don Henley, Eric Clapton, the Eagles.… “Welcome to the Hotel Oooh-ah-lah-lee…” they crooned almost to the tune of “Hotel California.” We were anchored a stone’s throw from Oualie Beach Resort.  It was 9 pm, a perfect, balmy starry night, and I wasn’t even cold in my spaghetti strap sundress.  “Should we?” Wayne asked.  “Definitely,” I replied, “It’s part of what we came here for.”
Nevis’s Oualie Beach Resort is humble.  However it has
something important Four Seasons lacks… guests!
Once again, so close to our Caribbean cruising fantasy!  Full moon, steel drums, drinking cheap rum drinks and dancing on a beach….
A starry night instead of a full moon?  Sure.
Cheap rum drinks?  We already drank some “Bushy’s rum” on our boat (cheap and good).  Check.
Even if it wasn’t steel drums, it was music, sort of.  That works.
Dancing on a beach?  We weren’t very graceful, but we definitely got that part down.
Close enough for a fabulously memorable eve.  Thank you Nevis and Oualie Beach Resort.