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Kayaking: a 1-minute video of a nearby creek
teeming with wildlife.

Working on our “what next”—which is still unresolved—doesn’t keep us from enjoying where we are. Currently, that’s still housesitting in Fort Pierce, Florida. Since my only boat is now a kayak, please join me for a virtual spin (watch the video) on the nearest kayak-able waterway, 10 Mile Creek Preserve.

Oaks, palms, mangroves . . . there was a terrific variety of trees and shrubs in such a short stretch.

The launch was free with a short carry and an easy take-off.

These sculptural oak limbs offer a home for ferns and orchids.

Ten Mile Creek Preserve is a branch of the St. Lucie River waterway. There’s little current and enough shelter that there’s little wind, making for an easy paddle. The water’s so calm you’re dissecting a mirror of the sky view as you glide along.

There were some hints that fall is fast approaching—besides a later sunrise and earlier sunset. I teased Wayne, Mr. Not-an-earlyriser the other day because he couldn’t understand how he got up before sunrise. 

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Fall, I told him.

Swamp apples fading to black with autumn leaves starting.

Where there are oaks, there are acorns.

More fall color.

As for the wildlife . . . (if you haven’t already) watch the video! It’s less than a minute long.

My kayaking tour guide buddy, Tom with Go Kayaking Tours would be proud of me. I deliberately slowed down and got quiet to see what I could see.

Spoiler alert! While I didn’t see any ‘gators, I saw the mudslides and matted vegetation they leave in their wake and heard their grunts. Those alligator grunts weren’t as scary as the ones in this Everglades recording from the National Park Service. If that doesn’t make chills run up your spine, I’m not sure what will!

I plowed through the first band of these plants that grew all the way across the creek
but turned around when I hit the second.

Coming soon: what a bioluminescent kayak is like.

Shiva, from her hiding place behind the couch;
our wildlife back at the ranch, chez Julene’s.