Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

cruising transitions
Yes, I used this.  Wasn’t messin’ around.  Cleaned my meat mallet
well before returning to galley service.  Tablet were for
long term preventative maintenance.

“Mahogany bird.”  Lovely name, for such loathsome, creepy vermin, better known as the cockroach.  When it comes to killing roaches, there is no kinder, gentler side.  There is no live and let live.  Quite simply, I want them dead and gone.

In Florida these armor-tank like creatures abound.   They are the burly lounge lizards of the insect world, scuttling about under the cover of darkness.  

I will not miss these leggy neighbors, who startle me in the semi darkness or whose still writhing belly-up bodies greet me occasionally in the morning. 

cruising transitions
Naarby Jacksonville FL Memorial park at sunset.
Being temporarily land-bound isn’t all bad.

I still remember my decades prior sunshine state encounters, turning on the bathroom light in the wee hours and seeing a palmetto bug (aka roach) about half the size of my hand on the counter.  “I didn’t see that,” I attempted to convince myself, turning the light off, then on.  It was gone, but I knew I didn’t imagine it.  Not knowing where it went was worse than seeing it then knowing it was hiding, somewhere, ready to startle me when I’d least expect it (which is of course, any time) and making more roach babies in the mean time.

Thanks to our typical distance from land and judicious use of roach tablets and post-invasion bug-bomb, our boat’s been relatively roach-free.  Click here for more about our boat bug eradication efforts.  Did I mention I miss our boat?  Soon, Journey….

cruising transitions
Oz – we’re headed to the back
of the terrier’s neck.

Location Location
We’re in Jacksonville Florida for the moment, readying to head off into anchorages too far for featherless winged hitchhikers, though we may find a flying fish or two as we head out in December, South Pacific bound.