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Ned & Cath Ciesielczyk holding a framed, matted
photo of Journey, taken during her
racing days with them.

When Wayne made an offer to buy Journey (click here for Journey’s specs), part of what sealed the deal was Ned Ciesielczyk, Journey’s owner.  He was genuinely friendly, willing to spend time with Wayne on the phone and flew in to meet him, and spend a few days answering Wayne’s questions and explaining Journey’s details.  Ned didn’t have to; there were several interested buyers and the sale was managed by a broker. Even though Ned was selling Journey for a bigger boat, Wayne could tell Ned loved Journey.  Journey’s sale was akin to Ned walking a daughter down the aisle, “giving her away” for marriage, knowing he will no longer be responsible, but caring, and willing to be there nonetheless.  We kept Journey’s name the same in homage to Ned’s care.
We bought Journey in March 2012. September 2012 we flew to St. Lucia to meet her, and begin our cruising life (click here to read about that).
Fast forward over a year from when we bought Journey to May 2013; I finally met Ned and his wife, Cath, in the Exumas Bahamas.

Molly, Ned & Cath’s miniature
pincher, guarding “her” boat.  

Ned owned Journey 11 years, sailing her in the Great Lakes, then in 2009, to the Caribbean.  Ned was not Journey’s first owner, so over her 35 years, we weren’t sure what changes were due to Ned, or Journey’s prior owners.  Overall, Journey’s delighted us – Ned took great care of her and did a great job of equipping her for blue water sailing.  Like any Pearson 365, she was built rock solid and designed for stability.  Still, we were concerned about what issues might be like telling a parent his child’s ugly.  And, like any buyer of a preowned home, we made changes of our own.

Hmmm, maybe Molly “smells”
Journey, her old home, on us.

Molly decides it’s okay
for us to board “her” boat.

What did we find out Ned added that we love?  That’s in an upcoming post….

Ned, explaining Jouney’s
workings while Cath looks on….

Wayne and I are just thrilled that Ned’s just as nice and helpful as ever, even though it’s now over a year after the sale.  We feel good about Journey, and even more so about Ned and Cathy.
Thank you, Ned and Cath.  We hope to do you proud!

Seems Cath remembers
it a little differently.

Molly dinghies between “her” new boat,
Rite of Passage, and “her” old boat,
our Journey.  
Rite of Passage, Ned and Cath’s
“new” boat, a 43’ Irwin.
Journey’s framed photo was too large to fit on Journey.
Ned and Cath keep it as a keepsake on Rite of Passage.