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Serendipity at Princess Louisa Inlet dock.

Today we left the furthest planned point of our Pacific Northwest cruising for the year — Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia. It’s an out-of the way spot.

In addition to a dock, its only “luxuries” are non-potable running water and two outhouses. Yet, it’s arguably the crown jewel of Pacific Northwest cruising. We almost didn’t go; we’re glad we did (thanks Meaghan & Chris of Tangatatu & for encouraging us to go).

It’s not only many miles away from phone and wifi coverage, VHF radio signals are only viable for other boats in the immediate area — so get your weather report ahead of time and cross your fingers it holds.

We’re wifi challenged and have quite a few tasks we need WiFi for in the next few days (and my AT&T phone hotspot’s consumed all my high speed data access for now), so more soon.

Funny. We travel halfway around the world, yet some of the very best cruising of all is right here in our own backyard.

Location Location
We are currently parked in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, British Columbia (N49 37.844 W124 01.506). Princess Louisa Inlet dock was (N50 12.230 W123 46.153).