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The gantlet was thrown.
There’s even 
for those who complete
the climb.

We’re in St. Croix now, and catching up on internet access.  This is the 1st of 3 posts where we last were, in the small, rarely visited gem known as Saba. 
It’s amazing the vast difference between elevation … and effort. Mount Scenery, the highest peak in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (so their signs say) was only 2,855 feet — our guidebook claims 3,084 feet, which we’d prefer to believe.  But it rises steeply up from sea level.  Or maybe sailing just doesn’t keep us in tip-top hiking shape.
Fort Bay, where our day-long exploration on foot of Saba began.
We started out at sea level, Ft. Bay dinghy dock.  The harbormaster there offered to set us up with a taxi. He looked surprised when we said we planned on walking.  That might have been a good clue.
First stop:  Up the road, from Saba’s
Fort Bay to Bottom.
Near Mount Scenery’s Summit.
Wayne, perched at Mount Scenery’s summit.
Dana at Mount Scenery’s summit.
We were grateful for this
frosty cold beverage from
the  Eco Lodge Cafe after
summiting Mount Scenery.
Almost clean.  You should seen how muddy they were earlier!
Given our limited internet access, I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story for now.