Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

One of several folks depicted as flying on this building.

Wayne kicked us off the boat.

How could this mural not catch your eye?

It wasn’t a reverse mutiny; he just needed to get boat work done and didn’t want us underfoot.  

One of the more subtle bits of wall art in Casco Viejo.
Stylish graffiti at a school basketball court in Casco Viejo.
This waggish art was on a building in state of ruin.
We did not try to “Come on in.”

Thus, Wayne’s dad Phil and his wife Gunnel  and I taxied out Panama City’s Casco Viejo (Old Town). Casco Viejo is a picturesque jumble of beautifully restored architecture and ruins, fringed by barios.

Historical / culturally themed mural.

Due to Carnival (more about that in a future post) the area was relatively quiet, with many businesses and the Canal Museum closed.  The uncrowded streets offered ample opportunity to photograph many of Casco Viejo’s delightful murals….

Panel from a long, bright series in front of a Casco Viejo building
under restoration.  The fanciful building on the right in this mural
represents a real architectural award winning building in the city.
Last bridge in Panama Canal before entering the Pacific ocean.
These lilies are on the same building as the flying man mural.

Location Location

Now that we passed through Panama’s skinny part (via the Panama Canal), we’re on the Pacific side in the La Playita anchorage (N08.54.519 W79.31.497).  We’re targeting this Friday to sail to nearby Las Perlas area, about 33 miles away.  

Twiggy-like figure with a puma head.
Yes, that’s Bugs Bunny shooting pool!
This vibrant showgirl mural is one of a series
along this Panama City wall.