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Names with sample graphic treatments.

It’s a nice problem to have—too many good names!

I’m still having a tough time making my mind up and those of you who’ve voted here—thank you. The votes are relatively evenly split.

By sometime this Wednesday I need to finalize the name so it can get programmed into the EPIRB aboard the boat. I also need to order decals for our boat name and homeport, though the turnaround is fairly quick. Playing with Boat US’s decal design program for boat names, hailing ports, and design decals, I found certain names suggested font colors and treatments to me. I’m not sure that I’ll use any more than the name and hailing port but still liked putting them in to give a bit more personality.

This is where the boat name and hailing port will go.
I will place the name closer to the top of the transom,
 and the hailing port will be smaller rather than larger than the boat name.
Photo credit goes to Cecilia “Ceal” Potts who is our outstanding surveyor.

The Contenders, Pros & Cons


I like the way Kelefesia looks, particularly the one dead center. It’s my sentimental favorite. Pros are that and its meaning, “many islands.” Cons are that it’s a little harder to read, pronounce, and requires a bit of an explanation. Kelefesia is also someplace we’re not likely to make it back to, much as we loved it.


Gallivant—traveling for pleasure—fits us and the spryness of the boat. For some reason, it begged for plainer design treatment. It doesn’t please my eye as much but the non-script versions are very easy to read.

Luna Canto

Luna Canto—singing moon, implying the song is a birdsong, is a beautiful name. It spoke to me in clean and elegant tones. The two reservations: it needs to be translated and in English, I’m not sure I want a name that sounds like “can’t.” Silly, but I like to think of myself as a can-do person and the boat equally or more capable.

My Current Inclination

Given that I’m leaning most toward Gallivant, the first one in the second row.

Your final feedback is welcome! If you want more background, check out these prior posts:

boat name criteria

what the boat looks like (line drawings) & how to vote

As for Wayne? All he wants at this stage is for me to finally pick a name and get on with it! Can’t say I blame him.

Location Location

Until the 18th, we are in Fort Pierce, the boat is in Jacksonville, and our haulout is scheduled for January 22nd in Green Cove Springs. All are in Florida.