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When up, this mirror’s positioned perfectly to
monitor the cabin’s control panel switches from
the cockpit, a happy accident.

When we met with former Journey owners, Ned and Cath (click here for more about that), one of the biggest surprises was how many cool pullout conveniences that we thought were a Pearson trim kit, were Ned’s additions.  All are built in beautifully finished cherry.  Ned’s great woodworker, with even better sensibility on how to make a boat more livable.  His much welcome additions include:
  •       Framed mirror with extra canned good storage inside that converts to a dining drop-down table.
  •       Fiddled foldout tv-tray-like pop-up table with 2 cup holders; great for holding smaller laptops.
  •     Bookcase with sliders, alternating between easy access and secure holding of the bookcase’s contents.
  •      Companionway hatch board case integrated uner the nav table, with Journey’s name embedded on the case cover.
  •     “Surprise!”  Look for an article in September 2013’s Cruising World for more about that (link forthcoming upon publication).

Thanks, Ned!

When open, this cabinet creates an interior dining
spot while also providing additional food storage.
The table is opens to a wider position, for
bigger meals or for more than a cosy spot for two.

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Eating, drinking or using his laptop, this is Wayne’s
favorite spot in Journey’s cabin, thanks to Ned’s handiwork.

When not in use; this table hinges flat against the
fridge back / settee side wall.  Note Wayne
added a 12-volt DC outlet next to it for more
efficient PC power use.
Storage under companionway ladder; closes
securely when not needed.

Storage under companionway ladder, open;
a convenient place for dishes.
The bookcase is to the right of where the
main mast comes through the cabin.
It’s a great place for storing watches
and necklaces, as well as my  favorite
cookbook, “Moosewood Restaurant
New Classics.”
The bookcase is to the left of the
pop-down dining table.
Just a few feet away from where they’re needed, Ned built
this nifty companion hatch board case tucked under the
nav table and out of the way.