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Our Hirsch Gulfstar 45 sailboat, s/v Gallivant is officially sold. We are going land-based, for now.

Two days ago our boat sale became official—title in the new owner’s name, full payment for it deposited into our account. It felt like . . . just another day. 

Maybe it’s because we haven’t handed over the keys, we mused. 
S/V Gallivant leaving Fort Pierce City Marina,
with Chip Cramer, our broker as captain.
Yesterday, Wayne did the boat turnover (how all the systems work) with our broker, Chip, over a day sail from Fort Pierce to Stuart Florida—the official handing over of the keys. 

Our broker, Chip, this image pilfered from his employer’s website, S&J Yachts.

It still felt like . . . just another day. Okay, in the land of hurricanes and lightning storms we are relieved we are no longer own or inhabitant a high point on the water.

Rolf waves from the bow as Gallivant heads out of the Fort Pierce marina.

Our Sunnier neighbor Rolf was ecstatic to go along for the ride from Fort Pierce to Stuart.

Fort Pierce City Marina, S/V Gallivant’s former slip since ~Memorial weekend.

It’s often said of boats, the two best days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Gallivant treated us well and is a beautiful boat purchased from dear friends who loved her and spared no expense on upgrades. However, we never got over our big boat anxiety and decided to quit while the boat market was hot and regroup.

My only boat now: a green sit-on-top kayak. Here I’m on a kayak trip my buddy and tour guide extraordinaire Tom of  Go Kayaking Tours put together on Florida’s Crystal River. Chris and Courtney also along for the ride.

We haven’t had a physical address for more than seven months since mid-2012. Sure, we’ve found ways to get our mail handled, by friends and rellies, deliveries direct to when and where we are, or general delivery. But outside of a few months here and there, the only home base we’ve shared since 2012 . . . is each other.

Me and Wayne on Flamingo Cay, the Bahamas, April 2021.

Meanwhile, we’re still house- (and kitty) sitting at our friend Julene’s place in Sunnier Palms (yeah, I know that sounds like a made-up name but it really is a place) Fort Pierce, Florida.

Shiva, the ragdoll kitty we’re watching for Julene. Isn’t she freaking adorable when she’s asleep?

Shiva keeps up too busy laughing to get too anxious while we sort out our future.

Location Location
We’re in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Technically, we are homeless, but with the boat sale proceeds sitting in our bank, we know we won’t stay homeless for long.

Once Julene comes back, we’ll finally take that trip north we planned for this summer. If luck is with us, we’ll get to see the autumn leaves turn, and be back in Florida before the frost hits, only as residents instead of snowbirds. Meanwhile, until our plans firm up, we’re still living out of suitcases. All the rest of our possessions fit in eight dock cart loads, and are currently in a small storage area until we settle. Stay posted and we’ll update you when the news is more definitive.

I suspect before a year’s passed, we’ll get another boat (besides my kayak), just not as a live-aboard. Our voting and mailing address will truly be our own, and on land—a true home base to return to. And home will still remain more where we are together, than where we are in the world at that moment.