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Rodney Bay Marina is still one of the nicest
marinas in the Caribbean. We’re just itching
to see our first sunset from the water.
Dinghies, for the uninitiated, are boats for the boat.  Now this might not make a whole of sense on the surface.  Why would a boat need a boat? 
Think of it a bit like a mobile home, situated in an area where the resources you need to live, are rather wide-flung.  Unless there’s a killer bus system, that’s cheap, runs when you need it, where you need it, and makes it easy to lug your stuff along, like your groceries. 
Precisely because it’s tough to find someplace that achieves all that, many folks own cars, for the convenience.  In the case of cruisers, we have to have boats, to easily get us to various points of shore when we don’t want to take our whole (boat) home with us.  And of course, busses don’t “walk on water” so if we’re at anchor, then we might need our dinghy to get to shore.
Our boat, Journey, came with an inflatable dinghy, and a motor for it.   Both were old, and did not like going 15 months in the tropics, unused.
Yesterday, with help, we were able to our 1996 Johnson dinghy motor running.  And our dinghy was, sadly, due for retirement.  We found a replacement, for about $600USD, which we expect will last us at least a year or two.
So today, we will finally be able to escape our Rodney Bay Marina slip, and anchor, albeit just a stone’s throw away, initially.  Our dinghy makes it possible.  
St. Lucia sunset Rodney Bay Marina…
not too shabby
The adventure begins… one baby step at a time.